Black Bear Checks Out A Bike Park In Snowmass

Credit: Lindsay Jones/Twitter (@bylindsayhjones)
It would seem that the bears in Colorado are about as interested in the sport of mountain biking as those who are out riding. Then again, it could be that the bear in this video was just passing through.

Watch the video and you see that it was more the bear was just passing through and was not really ready to deal with the bikers. As you can see, the bear was heading towards the track when a biker went speeding by, just feet from the bear. The bear stops, looking almost startled, and turns away from the track.

The person who took the video, Lindsay Jones, said that bear ran around the bike track and then left the area.

Wildlife is one of the wonderful experiences a person can have while participating in outdoor sports. Like most wildlife, a black bear is nothing to be afraid of, but always remember to exercise some caution when outdoors.


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