Check Out The Catskills On The Cheap -- "Mr. Cheapskate’s guide to the Catskills: 12 fun things to do for under $55" From

Credit: Rob DiCaterino [CC BY 2.0]
The Catskill Mountains. A beautiful part of southern, upstate New York, this area has been a playground for the city folk for well over 100 years, and for good reason. This area is beautiful and offers more than a few excursions no matter the outdoor sport you choose to participate in.

Now, here at Ski Rex Media, the Catskills will usually come up in the context of the skiing and riding that can be had there. But, what if this is your area to explore during the summertime offseason? What if that's true and you want to do it on a budget? I have a few answers to that in the form of an article from

This is a list of twelve adventures that could be had on the cheap if you are visiting the area this summer and fall. It's not all for the outdoor sports crowd either. Some of these are also for history seekers, foodies, and people that are just looking to relax in a not so high, rural mountain area. Follow the link below and see what tickles your fancy. Also, if you have some other ideas or locals tips, don't be afraid to share those with us as well. Enjoy!

Mr. Cheapskate's guide to the Catskills: 12 fun things to do for under $55

Enjoy the sights, tours and food of Upstate NY's outdoor playground on a shoestring budget.


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