Congratulations To Houston,Texas For Setting A New Record Snowfall...In June?

Credit: Max Pixel [CC0 1.0]
Is this headline correct? Yes, it is very much correct. Is it a sign of the end times or a warning of an impending ice age? Well, no, it isn't. It is a function of the way precipitation is logged by the National Weather Service.

Over the weekend it was reported that there was hail during one of the many storms Houston has been experiencing this week. For these weather observations, hail counts as snow. It is because of that fact that Houston can claim its new record.

Credit: NWS
Hail is not an uncommon occurrence during heavy thunderstorm activity. Although temperatures did reach the mid-90s over the weekend, it was the storm that brought on the hail event. This little bit of hail was recorded as a trace amount of snow, thus setting the record.


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