Corbet's Couloir -- Wicked In The Winter -- Double Wicked In The Summer

It could be said that Corbet's Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming is one of the most iconic runs in the U.S. Most skiers, even those that are purely weekend, recreational skiers and riders, can look at a picture of it and name the run. Although, that may not hold true for this new picture.

Jackson Hole took to social media with a summer picture of the run in which it has zero snow, which makes it very hard to recognize. But, for a run that makes some people start to get anxiety from just looking at a photo and imagining dropping into from the top, it looks even more brutal totally bare. It's all rock and looks even steeper and meaner.

However, to those of you that take to rock climbing during the summer season, maybe this is a welcome sight. Who knows? Either way, have a look for yourself and enjoy!


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