Crazy, Freak Winter Storms Tore Up Parts Of Spain

Credit: IG
After a week that saw a horrible heat wave sweep across parts of Europe, Spain has now seen a number of record-breaking floods and snowstorms tearing through the country.

With images not unlike those from Mexico at the beginning of July, city streets are being flooded as rivers burst their banks. In some cases, those floods are full of ice.

The odd winter-like weather has not only caused the rivers to turn into ice flows throughout cities but has caused hail, some of which have been reported to be the size of tennis balls. In the city of Valencia that was also a shocking plunge in temperature, dropping 10 degrees C in just ten minutes.

It has been reported by the Express that one person has been confirmed killed by the weather event, having been swept away by a flood and trapped in his car.

This weather event even had an effect on the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, which had to be postponed due to the weather.

As this bizarre weather system begins to finish up in western Europe, the system is moving east towards Italy and into the Balkans in the coming days.


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