Did A Backcountry Snowmobiler Get Alien Footage In Sweden? -- VIDEO

Just in time for Independence Day, I bring to you a video that has been going around the internet a little bit lately. Will we need to call in Will Smith and Bill Pullman to come to fight the aliens so we don't have to go quietly into the night, so we won't vanish without a fight? That's yet to be determined. However, this footage taken in the mountains of Sweden during a backcountry snowmobile trip could cause you to glance upward.

There are a couple of bizarre things happening there. There is definitely something rising, or that appears to be rising, over the mountains, that vibration in the video is odd enough, and the change in the maps at the end of the video could make someone ask questions.

Does Ski Rex Media believe in the existence of life of alien life visiting here, up to and including ancient alien theory? Yes, I certainly do. Is that what is being seen here? Like anyone else, I can't say for certain. I wasn't there, and there are explanations for this that have nothing to do with U.F.O.s.

I can say that the footage the photographer has here is top notch. That is a great landscape shot showing off some of the beauty that lies above the arctic circle. I just the snow was as good as the camera. It looks like an amazing place to take a sled for a day or two.


  1. electrocloud moving to something charged with the opposite electrical charge. possibly incoming solar plasma from the sun


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