Down To The Final Two -- Two Ski Resorts In The United States Are Still Running

Credit: Timberline Lodge Ski Area
The summertime is in full swing and a lot of people are heading outside to get in those summer activities. Of course, heading to the beach can be a good time, but there are still a couple of places that one can get in some summertime skiing and riding.

First, there is Timberline Lodge in Oregon. They have a closing date of August 31, so that still leaves another month to head out to Mt. Hood and still be able to ski down it.

Second, there is Mammoth Mountain in California. They are still taking advantage of the killer winter in the Sierras and they aren't looking to stop anytime soon. At current, there is still no closing date. Could this hill be open all the way through the summer and fall into next winter? The best way to find out would be to head out there and see.


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