From The Folks At "Ski The East" -- Promised Land 2.8: Fast Grass -- VIDEO

It was only this year that I heard about grass skiing and became intrigued by it almost immediately. Also, I have been in love with Vermont since I was a child. So, when the folks at Ski The East put out a video that combined the two, I was hooked all too quickly.

The wonderful thing about this video, other than being in Vermont, is that the featured skiers really do get a chance to show off what can be done on grass skis. The viewer really gets to see be put through more than just mowed grass. In fact, one of the two featured pros talks a little about each of the terrains and likens it to what might be found in the winter. Even better, they answer one of the questions I have had about grass skis, how does one stop? There answer is perfect and I'll leave it up to you to watch and find the answer for yourself.

All in all, a great video. It was short, sweet, and to the point and features a type of skiing that isn't as popular as many others. In the video description they do bring up the need to check for ticks, which was one of my thoughts watching the video, but where is the mention of the sunblock? Enjoy!


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