Google Maps Catches Jerry In The Act Of Falling On His Face

Credit: Maklay62/pixabay
In a moment that the folks over at Jerry of the Day could more than appreciate, Google Street View camera caught a skier heading into a lodge fulling flat on his face, with his skis still on.

Now, I really wish I could find this one Google Maps, but I wasn't able to. I was, however, able to find an article that talks all about it. More importantly, though, it has the pictures of the incident and that is really what we all want to see.

As for the details of the incident, just like the view on Google Maps, I wasn't able to find any. All that I can tell you is that this happened in France.

So, have a look at the link below, enjoy it, and "Respect The Send"!

Google Maps Street View: Embarrassing ski accident caught on camera in dramatic scenes

Google Maps Street View potentially caused a hugely dramatic fall for one male as they caught him unawares. The cameras had travelled to France, capturing shots in a top ski resort in the French Alps. Perhaps eager for images of the competitors, they followed one male skier into the hut.


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