Great Read For Hiking Fans -- N.H. Hiker Sets Speed Record On White Mountain Grid

New Hampshire's White Mountains
On July 7th, a hiker by the name of Philip Carcia set a new speed record in a New Hampshire hiking challenge known as Hiking The Grid.

According to the website, the challenge consists of hiking all of the 48 peaks in New Hampshire's White Mountains that are over 4,000 feet in elevation every month of the year, totaling out to be 576 summits. While there is typically no time limit to finish this challenge, there are those who have pushed to do it in a calendar year.

Prior to Carcia completing this challenge in a single year, only one other hiker had pulled it off, a woman by the name of Sue Johnston from Vermont. She was able to complete all 576 summits in 11 months and 16 days. However, Carcia did that same in approximately 10 and a half months, beating the set record by close to 5 weeks.

It was through little sleep, working around the weather, and keeping a regular job that Carcia pushed to complete this challenge. A full and more detailed story was told by Zoe Gates for the website In the story, Carcia's trip and reasons for taking on such a challenge are told by the writer and Carcia himself. It's an interesting story that could be an inspiration to those who think some things can't be done, though, with the right mindset, almost anything could be possible.

New Hampshire Hiker Sets Epic, 576-Summit Speed Record on White Mountains Grid

For the past 11 months or so, hiking has been Philip Carcia's full-time job. Well, hiking, driving to and from trailheads, and picking up hours at his actual job, scrubbing toilets and answering phones at a New Hampshire hiker's hostel.


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