Hiking News From Vermont -- Goddard Shelter On The LT/AT Closed Due To Bears

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Northeast Region
It has been reported by the Green Mountain Club, the organization that manages and maintains the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail in Vermont, that one of the shelters along the trail has been closed due to bear activity.

The Goddard Shelter has been closed until further notice after a bear tore through the privy looking for food that a hiker had left behind.

Since that incident, the bear has made off with two backpacks from hikers and destroyed two tents.

The Green Mountain Club has now upgraded the site by installing a bear box, cleaning up all of the trash within 150 feet of the site, and placing informational signs that address how to store food and properly handle bear encounters.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife is now determining how the bear will be handled. They, along with the Green Mountain Club, also suggest learning and understanding how to properly hike and camp through areas that have bears, for the safety of the hikers and the bear population.

Problem Bears? Or Problem People? - Green Mountain Club

Vermont hiking trails have long been perceived as places where you don't need to worry about bears. People hiked, camped, and cooked and stored food without concern. Times have changed, and with the increase in the black bear population, hiker behavior needs to change too.


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