Hiking Terminology Explained For Those On Those Long Thru Hikes -- VIDEO

Even if you haven't done any part of the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Long Trail, the Batona Trail, or any other very long hiking trail, you have heard that those who do it have a language all their own. It's almost a slang that has developed into something more over the years as those who stick to these trails continue to make it a full-on lifestyle.

So, how do you translate this? Well, your phone might not help since you won't have service in a lot of places and there is no pocket dictionary to throw in your bag. Luckily, there is this video that you can watch before you hit the trail.

The video itself is kind of a chuckle. The presenter, JupiterHikes, is making light of trail slang in a fun, joking sort of way. So, you're getting information that you might use while out on the trail, but you might not really need it anyway. Enjoy!


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