I Like How Tom Brady Scares His Fans

Credit: Andrew Campbell [CC BY 2.0]
I have said it before, I'm not the biggest football fan. I have also admitted to, though growing up in New England, I have never been a Patriots fan. But with that said, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a skier, so he has shown up here on Ski Rex Media in the past.

One time, in particular, was this past season when Tom Brady took to social media to show himself looking at a past video of him taking a jump while skiing, deciding he needed more speed to make a jump, and then not long after that tucked and bombing a trail during a family ski trip.

WATCH -- Tom Brady Is Being True To His Word And Looking For More Speed In A New Video

It was just about a week ago that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady posted of video of himself doing some film review of his work. No, it wasn't a game film from this past Superbowl. It was a video of the quarterback biffing on a jump he posted two years ago.

One of the bonuses to his posting those videos were the fan reactions. Every fan of the multi Superbowl winning quarterback begged, pleaded, and prayed that Brady would stop participating in such sports in fear he'd get hurt and not be able to play football.

So, with news of his newest adventure in extreme sports, I figured it would be a bit of the same. Brady did a little something daring and the fans got scared. Well, this time it was a cliff jump, which he did with his daughter, and there are fans who are talking junk, but not in a fun way.

It would seem that there are some fans that have an issue with this, but not just because Brady could get hurt, but there has been some talk about this being an irresponsible move as a parent.

An article from USA Today went on to talk about how some of the fans talked a bunch of junk about Brady making a bad decision when he and his daughter made that jump. They even put in a quote from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that said "You KNOW I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player and father – but this just gave me anxiety. Geeezus.", which was reported to be followed up by the laughing/crying and two applause emojis. So, it could be inferred that even The Rock didn't see any real harm in it.

Though I am not a parent, meaning that my opinion may not matter, I can say that this really wasn't a big deal. Was there a little drag there? Maybe, but the kid is obviously fine. Also, that was a cliff by definition, but clearly wasn't all that high and the pool of water below was obviously safe. I think it's safe to say that Brady is fine, his kid is fine, and there was no harm done. Let the Brady family have their summer fun so he can play in the fall and get us some more ski videos in the winter!!!


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