I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- And I Don't Understand The Language

This is not the first time I have brought a video from Hachine Channel to the table. I, of course, found the channel while looking through skiing/snowboarding videos on YouTube. Since watching one of their videos for the first time I have been fascinated by a group of skiers and riders that I can't understand because I don't speak Japanese, I don't have a full understanding of the young woman who always rides with a hoodie, scarf around the face, and what appears to be a plush bok choy. Yet, I find myself entertained by this and watch just about every video they put out.

But, today I bring this channel to the table for another reason, which is obviously the "I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill" bit. In this video, the group seems to be getting a chance to demo a piece of equipment for summer riding. It really is just a grass ski with training wheels and a place to sit attached to it. It actually looks like it could be fun for a little bit.

Again, I don't know their opinions on this contraption because I don't speak the language, but they seem alright with it. Oh, and a few obvious adult-oriented jokes are made, but you'll figure that out as you watch. You don't need to know the language. There is also a cameo by a mountain board if that is something you're interested in. Enjoy!


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