Lake Tahoe Is Filled To The Brim -- Plan Beach Excursions Accordingly

Credit: Michael [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Lake Tahoe region is known for its skiing during the winter. But, there are more than a few ways to enjoy this lake during the summer as well. With that said, be mindful that the beach areas might be a little tight for a bit during this part of the summer. That lake has filled to just about the legal limit.

The legal limit of Lake Tahoe is set at 6,229.1 feet above sea level. This level is checked and maintained by federal water masters. They have reported that the water is so close to that limit that this week could be the time these officials open up the gates of the Tahoe Dam to let some of the water flow into the Truckee River, the only outlet for the lake.

All of the extra water is coming from runoff from the melting snow. It was no secret that the winter of 2018/19 was a wicked winter. There were parts of this region that saw over 700" of snow. During the summer that snow turns to water and has to go somewhere. Lake Tahoe is that somewhere.

This means that the shoreline has changed, putting some of the beaches around the lake underwater. They are still going to be open for the public's enjoyment, but visitors might have to get a little more chummy than usual with other beachgoers. However, the high water level means that all of the boat docks are easily accessible. It might be time to get out on the water in some kind of watercraft.

This also means more to that area than just recreational fun. The lake being this full has almost guaranteed that local communities that depend on the lake for water needs will have no trouble at all with drought.


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