More Ski News Out Of Southern Africa -- Tiffindell Just Got Hit With A Bunch Of Fresh Snow

Credit: Tiffindell/Facebook
It would seem that the good snow news out of southern Africa just keeps coming and coming. It seems that Tiffindell Ski Resort, the only ski area in the country of South Africa, and one of two on this part of the continent, just got hit with a storm.

Having opened at the beginning of the month, they are already well into their three month season. But, just like anywhere else in the world, a bit of fresh snow is always something that is welcome.

Credit: Tiffindell/Facebook

For those who don't like to do that math, that 10cm that fell on the hill yesterday is just about 4". It's not a ton, but it's enough to get the job done. Anyone that is lucky enough to be there, or is looking for a southern hemisphere ski experience that isn't in Australia or South America, this place is definitely an option.


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