Mountain Of Hell 2019 Turned Into A Total Mess

The Mountain of Hell 2019, a downhill mountain bike race at Les Deux Alpes in France that pits close to 1,000 riders against each other. The start of this race is something to see, as all of the riders start together in one large group.

This year's race took a little turn for the not so good when two riders appear to collide and start a chain reaction that takes out a good chunk of the field. It doesn't look pretty at all, but it is caught on video.

If seeing if from afar wasn't enough for you, here is another angle. This is helmet cam footage of a rider that not only caught the crash on video but ended up being part of it as well.

In the end, there were no reports of serious injuries, so everyone seems to have walked away from one heck of a pileup. But, even with that pileup, there was still a winner, who also had their entire run on camera. Enjoy!


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