Never Heard Of This Southern Hemisphere Ski Hill -- Lesotho, Africa Is A Summer Option

Credit: Afriski Mountain Resort/FB
As the month of June comes to a close, the number of mountains with available skiing and riding is starting to get smaller and smaller. For some places, it's as easy as heading to an indoor ski center to get some summertime turns. Here in the U.S. however it isn't that simple. We start looking at that map we have hanging on our wall with all the little push pins marking southern hemisphere hills we've been thinking about trying. It would be fair to say that a good majority of those push pins are either in Australia/ New Zealand or Argentina and Chile. But what if there is another place to try?

Though a tad late on this one since there opening day was June 7, Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho could be a place to go when making that trip to the other side of the globe to get in a few mountain runs.

This isn't a big resort, but it is pretty high up in the mountain. At an elevation of 3,222 meters (10,570 ft), there could be some decent snow covering, what looks like, a single trail slope serviced by a t-bar. But, small doesn't mean that it loses anything. The charm of this destination would be that it is a rural, out of the way hill tucked up in the mountains of Southern Africa.

The hill also has most of the amenities that any skier/rider would be looking for. They do have a retail shop, a rental shop, accommodations, food, and drink. Everything one would need to be able to enjoy a ski trip to a place they may not have thought of before.

So, if one is looking for a southern hemisphere destination for skiing and riding, it might be time to give Lesotho, Africa a thought. Just go ahead and add one more push pin to that map. 

Oh, and just so it's said, for the fun of it, they have their own Epic Pass. No, it's not the one you can get here, it's just for them. But, that's kind of awesome.


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