NOAA -- Forecast For The Winter Of 2019/2020

For most of us, even those still enjoying the endless winter of 2018/2019 in California and Oregon, we can't help but look ahead to the next winter. Let's be honest, this starts almost as winter turns to spring. You know who else starts to look ahead to winter? The NOAA.

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center has posted maps and forecast date for three-month cycles for the end of this year and into the winter of 2019/2020. The outlook is nothing too exciting, but nothing too bad either.

Precipitation Outlook For December, January, & February 2019/2020 - Credit: NOAA

Temperature Outlook For December, January, & February 2019/2020 - Credit: NOAA

As you can see from these maps, the beginning of the winter has a strong chance of having above-normal temps. Not to say that mean it is not going to be cold, it just won't be wicked cold. With that is also an equal chance to start out the winter with above-normal precipitation. Whether that precipitation will be rain or snow is yet to be determined.

Precipitation Outlook For February, March, & April 2020 - Credit NOAA

Temperature Outlook For February, March, & April 2020 - credit: NOAA

Now, if we look at those maps as they change into late winter and early spring we see that the temps are going to stay about the same, above average. Again, it could still cold, so we won't lose all of winter. However, it's the precipitation map that is the kicker. That "EC" that takes up all of the lower 48 states means there is an equal chance for above, below, or just normal amounts of precipitation. So, the snow outlook could be anywhere across the board at the beginning of the new year.

Let's all be honest, we are wishing for a repeat of this past winter, which still hasn't ended in some places in the United States. But, will we have it? We just don't know for sure right now. Remember though, this is just an early forecast. As we get closer to the season, the NOAA and other organizations will have a better idea of what is going to happen. Also, never forget to take a look at the old Farmer's Almanac.


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