Remember Your First Place -- Check Out Mikaela Shiffrin's First Home

Though presented a little different than the television program Cribs, this segment from the TODAY has the same kind of feel. The segment is "At Home with Natalie", which features host Natalie Morales taking viewers into the home of a celebrity, which in this case is Mikaela Shiffrin.

In the segment, viewers get to take a tour and get a full description of everyone's favorite competitive skier's first house. It was quite entertaining, especially when Shiffrin kicks on the lighted kitchen island, designed to resemble a glacier, to the surprise and delight of the host. Although, they do both use the term "she cave", so there is a little cringe involved here.

All in all, this is a fun and informative look into the life of one skiing's best and brightest young superstars. The house is beautiful, the location is beautiful, and the owner looks wicked please with it. We can all hope that she is able to enjoy it.


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