Skier Falls To The Ground When A Chair At Thredbo, Australia Comes Off Of Cable

Credit: Thredbo Resort/FB (@Thredbo.Resort)
It is being reported that on Monday afternoon, July 22, a chair from the Gunbarrel Express chairlift at Thredbo Resort became dislodged from the lift cable and fell to the ground. To make matters worse, there was a skier in the chair when it fell.

According to a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the incident occurred at approximately 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The skier, whose name has not been given, was able to walk away from the accident and is reported to have only minor bruising.

Thredbo Resort took to social media today to explain the incident and what has happened in the day since it took place.

Though a freak gust of wind is being blamed for this incident, it has been reported that there was a severe weather warning for the area earlier today, which could cause blizzard conditions for that area. Though, mountain operations did not seem to be affected by the weather.


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