Skiing Will Return To Badger Pass Ski Area In Yosemite National Park

Credit: Peterparr at English Wikipedia [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
For those who call this hill home or visit enough to be in the know, you might question the headline. One could say that there has always been skiing at Badger Pass, it just went under a different name. Well, that is true, but due to a very recent development, the Badger Pass name can make a comeback.

It all begins with a lawsuit that was brought against the National Park Service back in 2015. DNC Parks and Resorts at Yosemite, Inc., the park's former concessionaire, brought the lawsuit against the NPS claiming ownership of various trade names and trademarks in Yosemite National Park. There were more than a few names in that park that had to be changed, including the changing of Badger Pass Ski Area to Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area.

However, it has recently been announced by the National Park Service that they, and the new concessionaire, Yosemite Hospitality, LLC., have settled the lawsuit, a lawsuit that was reported by CNN Travel to be in the amount of &12 million.

"The settlement involves the transfer of trademarks and service marks at issue in the lawsuit from Delaware North to Aramark. Under Aramark’s Yosemite concession contract with the National Park Service, those trademarks and service marks will transfer at no cost to the National Park Service upon the expiration or termination of Aramark’s contract. The settlement also involves Delaware North’s transfer of various types of tangible assets (not previously purchased by Aramark) to Aramark and the National Park Service. Finally, the settlement provides for payments to Delaware North from Aramark and the United States to resolve any and all contractual disputes among the three parties arising from Delaware North’s departure as a concessioner at Yosemite, and Aramark’s assumption of its Yosemite concession contract."

In a release from the NPS, they say they are looking forward to the restoration of the previous names of many of the properties at the park and that all of the changes will happen on a schedule decided by the park and the new concessionaire.

While this is being looked at as a good thing, even with a $12 million settlement, there are those who feel that it was more than a rip-off. If that is something you are interested in taking a look at, below is a post that takes that opinion and runs with it.

What a ripoff: For $12 million, those 'fake' Yosemite names that no one used could've stayed

On Tuesday, a new park concessions company takes over. The departing company, a subsidiary of New York-based Delaware North, trademarked the names "Ahwahnee," "Curry Village" and "Yosemite Lodge," during its tenure and now contends it must be paid What's in a name?


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