Snow Globes Filled With Meth Seized At The Australian Border

Credit: Tanemori [CC BY 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The snowglobe. It can be a wonderful, little keepsake that can remind us of our love for winter or the times we spent in the days of winters past. This time, however, a shipment of snow globes had a much more wicked intent.

Australian Border Force officers in Sydney found that a shipment of snow globes contained more than $1 million of liquid methamphetamine.

A total of 15 snow globes were X-rayed and subject to further examination, including testing of the liquid inside. All tests on the liquid returned a positive result for methamphetamine. The detection of the drugs was then referred to the Australian Federal Police for further investigation.

In a statement from a news release from the Australian Border Force, Regional Commander Danielle Yannopoulos commented on the role of the agency in protecting the community from illicit substances.

“Our officers work tirelessly to prevent these harmful drugs from making it into Australian communities, and I’m proud of the results they continue to achieve,” Commander Yannopoulos said.
“The ABF has invested heavily in our technological capability in recent years and we can see further into every package than ever before.
“Our officers continue to prove, time and time again, that criminals who attempt to hide these substances in new and imaginative ways are wasting their time. It doesn’t matter how clever you think your concealment is – we can find it.”
This marks the second discovery recently of a creative way to smuggle drugs into Australia. Last week 348-kilograms of cocaine were found in the hydraulic lifting arm of an excavator. Like the snow globes, which came from Canada, the excavator full of cocaine was arriving from another country, South Africa in that case.


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