Teenage Skier Awarded $3.2 Million From Lawsuit Against Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

Credit: Massachusettes Office Of Travel & Tourism [CC BY-ND 2.0]
The family of a boy who fell almost 30 feet from a chairlift at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA has been awarded $3.2 million in the conclusion of a lawsuit dating back to 2015.

As reported on telegram.com, in 2015 12-year-old Alex Hache was involved in an accident involving a chairlift at Wachusett Mountain. On March 8, 2015, the boy was attempting to get on a lift at the mountain but was not able to get seated properly. Hache then slipped from the seat and was holding onto the chair as it kept moving.

Though other lift passengers began to call for the lift to be shut down, while another rider who was sharing the chair with Hache held onto to the boy, the lift continued to run. It was estimated that the boy hung from the chair for 3 minutes before hitting a snow gun and falling from the lift.

Hache suffered several severe injuries due to the fall, including five fractured vertebrae, a severe concussion, and a fractured pelvis, all according to the lawsuit.

Just over four years late on July 16, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Hache, now 17-years-old, and his family. This was after a five-day trial.

This makes for another large payout from a lawsuit against a small mountain, similar to a lawsuit against Big Boulder Mountain in Pennsylvania. Again, the plaintiff suffered injuries in 2015 and this year was awarded $2.5 million.


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