The Biggest Snow Park In The World Coming To The Middle East -- Snow Abu Dhabi Set To Open In 2020

The United Arab Emirates is a place that has a known indoor winter facility. Ski Dubai is insanely popular attracting people from all over the world to get a chance to ski and ride in the middle of the desert. But, in the city of Abu Dhabi, there is a facility being built that will be close to four times the size of Ski Dubai.

The new facility, named Snow Abu Dhabi, is part of the Reem Mall project, which is a very large retail and entertainment center. The project is intended to give guests a real winter wonderland experience with 13 rides and attractions spanning several different zones. Each of these zones has a unique slate of activities hosted by some of the land's fantastic characters. A trip through this magical place is described best by those who designed it.

"Before entering the park, guests will be invited to visit the Blizzard’s Bazaar. The assortment of retail offerings at the quirky outlet will include cold weather clothing, hats, postcards, and other souvenirs of the park’s Enchanted Forest.

Upon entering, visitors will find themselves in the stunning Snowflake Garden. The open snow play activity area will give the arriving guests the chance to simply play in the snow. Special activities will also be organized including ice labyrinths, snowman building and other snow-based games.
Just beyond the Snowflake Garden, guests will find the iconic shimmering Crystal Carousel. This wondrous, twinkling creation will feature an ornate customized design to celebrate the animals of this magical winter forest.
The snow park visit will culminate with a climb up the Flurries’ Mountain, which will lead to the spectacular centrepiece of Snow Abu Dhabi – the Enchanted Tree. Soaring up into the sky, it will be a majestic central icon that sprawls over the many snow play activities below."
As described, it feels as if one is taking a trip to winter wonderland not unlike the world portayed in Disney's movie Frozen. A wonderful idea giving those who live in an area that doesn't experience winter a chance to play in the snow.
Now, there is no mention of a ski hill as part of the plans for this facility, but in there kids sledding in the artist renderings shown here. That could be good enough for a day in the snow. Who doesn't like getting out the sled and taking some runs? But, to take this giant facility with a dream wonderland and add a ski hill would make it a real dream come true.


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