Thredbo Resort In Australia Has Gone Green

Credit: P. Lu [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Though Thredbo Resort is gearing up to get a dumping of white, they have announced that all of the resort's major operations have gone green.

In a joint operation with Red Energy and Snowy Hydro, the resort has been able to secure a deal to purchase clean, renewable energy to power all of the major resort operations.

The Protect Our Winters partner is also going to be kicking off its Environmental Week on July 22, a week used to raise awareness of the environment in and around Thredbo and the world as a whole.

As this is the first of the Australian snow resorts to have such a milestone in their environmental initiatives, this is a very big deal. Watch as Thredbo's general manager, Stuart Diver, announces this newest initiative.


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