Visiting Olympic National Park This Summer -- Be Advised -- Mountain Goat Capture Operation Will Affect Some Areas

Credit: Yellowstone National Park
For those who are visiting Washington's Olympic National Park for their summer mountain adventures, there are two weeks this summer that you should be aware of and both of those weeks involve mountain goat catching.

This joint project between the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is going to be capturing goats to move them out of the park.

Mountain goats are a non-native species in Olympic National Park. The decision was made to round up the animals and move them to USDA Forest Service lands in the North Cascades national forests. If all works out well, the goats will boost the population of animals found in those areas, which is actually part of their native range.

The capture operations in Olympic National Park will take place for two weeks during the summer of 2019. The first week will be July 8-19, with the second week being August 19-30. The Hurrican Ridge Area of the park will be affected by the capture operation closing roads, hiking, and camping areas.

For a full list of how the park will be affected and what to do if you are planning to visit, please follow the link below. You will find detailed descriptions of the affected areas and maps of those areas. Also, if you are in the park and hear a helicopter, look up. You might see a goat flying by.

Mountain Goat Capture and Translocation - Olympic National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Reintroduction of the gray wolf (Yes, the 2011 What is the mountain goat management plan/EIS all about and why is it needed? The plan's purpose is to allow Olympic National Park to reduce or eliminate the environmental damage done by non-native mountain goats and the public safety risks associated with their presence on the Olympic Peninsula.


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