A Rescue Story That One Could Say Is Based On Luck

Credit: Orygun [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
All too often in the world of outdoor and action sports, we hear stories that end in tragedy. In these sports that we enjoy, there are many levels of inherent risk that we have to deal with every time we leave the paved roads and bright lights of the city. But, this is a story that has a happy ending for all of those involved all because a mountain biker happened to be in the right backcountry area at the right time, and you can follow the link below to read all about it.

Collapsed 73-Year-old Man Rescued From the Desert Thanks to Miraculous Appearance of a Cyclist

Gregory Randolph was near death with one of his dogs by his side when he was miraculously saved thanks to a cyclist who happened to be passing through the desert. The 73-year-old had been out driving with his two canine companions last month when he decided to explore an area of the high desert in Lake County, Oregon.

This story is not only a wonderful tale about how a 73-year-old man was rescued, but by happenstance, by a backcountry mountain biker, but the need to be as prepared as one person can be anytime one goes exploring the outdoors. Also, the rider from the story, not only being prepared, had a clear knowledge of how to use that equipment.

The next time you happen to be outside participating in whichever sport you choose, be safe, be prepared, and never doubt the kindness of strangers.


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