A Tough Road Cycle Race - The 47th Annual Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb Took Place This Past Weekend

If you are one who likes to compete in road cycling events and feel that your uphill skills are top-notch, this could be an event you will want to keep an eye out for next year.

This past weekend the 47th Annual Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb took place. This is a road cycle race, which benefits the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, that sees participants racing up the highest mountain in the northeast.

Mt. Washington is known for its 6,288-foot summit and for having some of the baddest weather on the continent, if not the world. Combine that with 7.6 miles of grades that average 12% and get up to 22% at the top, and there is the making for one brutal uphill race.

This saw several hundred participants, but only two were able to walk away with top honors. In the men's division, Boston local Erik Levinsohn, 29, was able to take the win with a time of 53 minutes and 42 seconds. For the women, Pittsburgh local Stefanie Sydlik, 34, won her division with a time of 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 34 seconds. Each winner was able to collect prize money totaling $1,500 each.


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