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A Winter Outlook From Direct Weather -- I Like This One

As we are coming into August, our thoughts are turning to fall and winter. For some of us we have had thoughts of winter since the end of the last one, let's be honest. However, those who understand and can tell us about the winter are also starting to take a look ahead and are coming up with preliminary forecasts for what to expect.

Enter this forecast video from the YouTube channel Direct Weather. It was near the end of last season that I came across this channel and I dig on the channel and this current winter forecast. Again, I'll be honest, it is my New England bias that has me liking this one since it calls for a decent winter. Some of the rest of the U.S. might not be so lucky, but this is still a preliminary report. We still have a bit of time before we actually will know more of what could happen this winter. Enjoy!

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