An Elderly Man Was Rescued From At Avalanche At Thredbo, Australia

Credit: Thredbo Resort/FB
For the second time in about a 24 hour period, rescue teams had to make a run to Thredbo Resort in Australia after an elderly man got caught up in an avalanche.

From a report on, an elderly man was hiking on a walking track with his wife during the early afternoon. While on this walk, the man was knocked down and covered by the snow.

Rescue workers were able to get to the location of the incident very quickly. In this case, firefighters used snowmobiles to arrive at the scene and found the man waving for help.

The man was taken to Thredbo Medical Centre, where he was treated for his injuries. The man sustained a fractured ankle from the accident.

This rescue comes not even a full day after a man and his young daughter needed rescue after getting separated from their group and lost on the mountain. In that incident, both the little girl and her father were found safe and well.


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