Camper Takes Shots At Alleged Bigfoot At Mammoth Cave National Park

Credit: Steve Baxter
An incident involving a camping couple, another camper and his son, and possibly a Bigfoot lead to a gunshot being fired at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.

In a report from LEX18, a man and his girlfriend were camping at the park this past Sunday, July 28, when a man and his son woke the couple by shining flashlights into the couple's tent.

The man with the flashlight, whose identity has not been given, began to explain to the couple that something had destroyed his campsite and that he heard odd noises in the woods.

It was after warning the couple that if they heard him fire a shot they should run, a few minutes later the man did indeed fire a shot at the alleged creature. He also explained to the couple that he had seen the Bigfoot pop up from behind his tent and wanted to scare it off with the gunfire.

It was after that the couple packed up their campsite and hiked out to their car.

Mammoth Cave Law Enforcement Rangers did respond to the shooting to find no injuries to anyone involved. It has been reported that while carrying a firearm in the park is legal, discharging that firearm is prohibited. An investigation of the incident is underway. 


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