Chairlift Screens With Real Time Traffic Cams Along I-70 -- Know When To Take Your Last Run

Credit: Alpine Media Technology
It's almost impossible to get away from the digital world these days. Although one of the points to skiing and riding is to get outside and perhaps unplug for a little bit, sometimes these screens do come in handy giving us all the information we may or may not need right when we may or may not want it.

Enter the chairlift safety bar screens from Alpine Media Technologies. Two tons of information will be at one's fingertips for the entire length of their ride. This information will include weather and snow reports, trail maps, lift statuses, and safety information such as missing skier reports.

One of the other pieces of information that will be available on these screens will be real-time traffic information. In the case of the units being installed on the Super Guage Express lift at Winter Park, Colorado, these reports will include direct CDOT camera feeds for the infamous, traffic-ridden I-70.

Will this be a great tool to be able to gauge the traffic and pick the best time to bail for the day? Or is it going to be a grim reminder about one's need to fight some of the ugliest ski traffic in the country just to get home? Time will tell. Just remember, one could always catch a few Zzz's in the parking lot and head out in the middle of the night.


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