Do You Have A Large Piece Of Property And Want To Decorate It? How About Your Own Chairlift?

Credit: CHS Snowmakers
Perhaps you do want to decorate your property in a unique way. Perhaps you are a veteran liftie who is feeling a little nostalgic. Perhaps you have any number of reasons for wanting to have your very own chairlift. This is now your chance to have one.

A Borvig triple chair is up for sale out of Wisconsin. This includes everything one would need to use it, as well. The towers, motor, chairs, everything is included.

According to the listing on CHS Snowmakers, the lift was running last season and is being removed to make room for another lift.

Credit: CHS Snowmakers
Everything out the door for $50,000 doesn't seem like a bad deal at all if you have the room for your own chairlift. This specs on this one are 1,507' slope length (460 meters), 308' vertical (93 meters), which is stretched over 8 towers and 68 chairs. It's not too big but could give a person a whole new way to access the sled hill near their home.

More information, including contact information for the seller and more detailed specifications, are available from CHS Snowmakers.


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