Epic Mountain Gear's "Ski Rex" Sale Starts This Weekend

Epic Mountain Gear - Aurora Location - Credit: Epic Mountain Gear
The Epic Mountain Gear "Ski Rex" sale returns starting this Friday, August 30.

There is nothing like getting winter gear cheap. This sale, the unofficial start to the winter, is going to be having preseason sale prices of up to 60% off on all of the hottest gear for the upcoming winter season. Also, for those Epic Pass fans, you can pick up this season's pass at the sale, but make that a priority. The lowest price ends on September 2.

This preseason sale will be running from August 30 to September 15 at all of the Epic Mountain Gear locations, with tent sales at the Aurora and Westminster stores. For more information, store locations, or to sign up for early access and be able to shop before anyone else, head to the Epic Mountain Gear website. You can also follow the along on the Epic Mountain Gear Facebook event page.

***Note - The Epic Mountain Gear "Ski Rex" sale and Ski Rex Media are two entirely different entities. We have nothing to do with each other, nor did either one rip off the other's bit. Trust me, it's unlikely that anyone at Epic Mountain Gear has heard of Ski Rex Media at this point and I had not heard of their sale until after I came up with Ski Rex Media.***


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