For The Fashion Conscious -- "This Designer-Backed Women’s Ski Collection Will Actually Get You Excited For Winter" From Vogue

Credit: Aztech Mountain/FB
There have been a couple of times that I have waded into the fashion world here on Ski Rex Media. Usually, I do end up using it as a way to get a rise out of a couple of the women that are fans or follow my site. Honestly, that's about as far as I can take it, really. If one hasn't noticed yet, I really know nothing about fashion and I don't fully understand that need for some women to have to look good while participating in outdoor sports. I feel it's always better to go with practicality over vanity.

So, with that said, I bring to you all an article from those who know what they are talking about it when it comes to fashion. From Vogue comes an article about a fashion line that can blend function with cuteness. Have a look for yourself and see what you think. I'll give you a little spoiler though, the prices on some of this stuff are close to the same price as your season pass. So, be careful when you go to pull out that credit card.

This Designer-Backed Women's Ski Collection Will Actually Get You Excited For Winter

Ski gear isn't what it used to be. Gone are the days of Princess Grace and Jackie O gliding down the mountain at Gstaad wearing designer sunglasses, cashmere turtlenecks underneath chunky wool cable knits, and slim, flattering waterproof trousers. These days, if you go to any ski mountain around the world, it's mostly male-focused snowboarding gear or Moncler suits.


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