For Those Who Are Fans Of Hiking And Comedy -- Trailer For Season 3 of "Hiking With Kevin"

Here at Ski Rex Media, I do talk about hiking since it's something that I have done during the offseason, and I know that some of you follow suit. During some of my research into the hiking world, looking for stories to report on, I came across a YouTube series that I had not heard of and kind of wish I had when it started.

For those who are also fans of comedy, you certainly know the name, Kevin Nealon. He's a Saturday Night Live alum, comedian, and actor and has just released the trailer for the third season of his web series Hiking With Kevin.

Now, the show's format is simple. Nealon goes hiking with celebrities and other people of notoriety and they chat about this and that while they do it. It's a similar format to some other shows out there, this time it just involves getting outdoors and not riding around in a car getting coffee. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, to get you a little more turned onto it, and since Ski Rex Media is mostly an outlet for skiing/snowboarding, one of Nealon's guests this season should be right up all of our alleys. At some point, there will be an episode featuring Lindsey Vonn. How awesome is that?


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