For Those Who Are More Drawn To Independent Mountains -- Welcome To The Indy Pass

Credit: Indy Pass
We truly live in the era of the mega, multi-mountain ski pass. As wonderful as it is to have one pass to gain access to all the resort action one could ask for, there are still those resorts that seem to get lost in the fray. The resorts that are a little smaller, a little cozier that offer a different skiing/riding experience than any of the large, mega-resorts. That's where the newest multi-mountain pass comes in.

The Indy Pass, a pass the is built from partners that are a little smaller and a lot more independent than their mega-resort cousins. The resorts that one can visit with this pass are a little less known, some only by locals to the region, but can offer just as much snow and challenging terrain.

This new pass is available right now with a price point of $199. That price gets you two free days at each of the 34 participating resorts, totaling 68 days of skiing or riding through the season. That also includes one more discounted day ticket at each resort once you have used all of your Indy Pass days. There is also one more bonus for those who buy soon. If you purchase a pass at before September 16, you'll have the option to make four payments of $49.75 with no interest.

This isn't a bad price to pay for a ton of choices for places to ski that may not have all the lines and shoulder to shoulder visitors like some of the larger, better-known ski resorts. For more information, you can head to, including information on other offers and restrictions for the Indy Pass, as well as following their Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, if you're already tempted to buy this new offering in the mega pass world, but need a little more coaxing, watch the promo video below.


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