For Those Who Like The Backcountry Runs -- Panorama Mountain Resort, B.C. Might Have The Best Deal Out There

View From Taynton Bowl - Credit: Jeff Bartlett & Panorama Mountain Resort
Panorama Mountain Resort, which is just south of Banff and Kootenay National Parks in British Columbia, gives one the ability to reach wonderfully high mountains. Yes, they offer access by foot, but they also have a wicked nice snowcat that can take you up to places like those pictured above and it really doesn't cost that much.

Credit: Panorama Mountain Resort
The Monster X snowcat, custom-built by the mountain to get people up into the Taynton Bowl, is equipped to take 12 heads at a time into the Monster X terrain, which is one of the newest areas at the mountain. It's some wicked territory, just right for those who are into the cat-skiing experience.

This area has all of the drops, steeps, and dangers one would expect in a backcountry trip, but these come with a bonus. Yes, the snowcat ride is already pretty good, but this area is also patrolled and controlled. It really almost fits the old cliché of having one's cake and eating it, too.

A chauffeured ride up to backcountry goodness with a little extra safety is about as good as it could get, but the price makes even a little better. One does have to buy a day ticket first, but the snowcat ride is only $15 on top of that, which really isn't a bad deal at all. Soon one will also be able to buy a 4 ride pack for $50 or an unlimited for $150. That's just a tad bit better than a heli-operation with no need to fly.

The Monster X snowcat will run on Saturday and Sunday, with some special added dates in between, from 10 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. For more information on times, pricing, and how to get tickets, head to the Panorama Mountain Resort website.

Monster X Snowcat - Credit: Panorama Mountain Resort


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