Hiker Killed In A Fall Near Mt. Ritter, Californina

Mt. Ritter/Banner Peak - Credit: Dcrjsr [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
It was one week ago, August 3, that a hiker fell to his death near Iceburg Lake, just below Mount Ritter, in California.

Terrence Casey, 53, was crossing a ridgeline above the lake, according to a news release fro the Madera County Sheriff's Office. Casey lost his footing and fell between 200-300 feet down the snow-covered mountainside.

Though Casey was hiking with a partner at the time, the partner was not able to render aid. The partner also fell down the mountainside, but was able to survive and safely make their way to Casey. Though, when the partner reached Casey, he was already deceased. Neither of the pair was carrying safety equipment at the time.

This location has no cellular phone service but was reported by other hikers who were in the area and witnessed the incident. They were able to make their way to an area with cell coverage and phone for help.

Once weather conditions permitted, Alpine Search and Rescue Members from the Mono County Sheriff's Office and the California Highway Patrol Helicopter were able to respond to the incident and recover Casey's body.

Also in the news release, Madera County Sheriff's Office expressed a need for having a safety plan and equipment when hiking in higher elevation backcountry. They had this to say, also from the news release;

"We would like to remind anyone going on extended backpacking trips to be prepared with the proper gear for hiking and weather conditions. Iceburg Lake is on the East Side of the Sierra Crest just below Mount Ritter around 10,000 feet, and still has areas with snow. Regardless of your level of experience, always make a safety plan and let people know your hiking route"


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