Hogback Mountain Conservation Area Preseason Ski Slope Clean-UP Coming In November

One Of The Old Hogback Outbuildings- Credit: Rudi Riet/Flickr
I have many memories of riding past Hogback Mountain as I was growing up in southern Vermont. I did a lot of my growing up in Wilmington, VT and had to take the ride east along Rt. 9 to get to Brattleboro from time to time, though I did do some of my growing up there as well.

During those trips up and over the mountain through Marlboro, I would think about what this old ski area must have been like while it was open, could it ever open again, and what it could be like if I were to open it again. To be honest, I still think about that last one. But, through all of those years, passing it more times than I can count, I never actually considered skiing on it. It has been closed since before I ever put on a pair of skis, so why would I consider it?

Well, call it the short-sightedness of a person who never really took advantage of the Vermont backcountry scene. We don't have a lot here, but this could be considered a part of it. It has to be considered part of it. Not just because people are skiing at this defunct, little ski hill, but because there is also a group maintaining it.

"By now it's a tradition among the "earn your turns" crowd - spending the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving on the ski slopes on Hogback, trimming back face-slappers, mowing down brambles, and cleaning up blowdowns so that the skiing will be great."

That is the first line in the description of an event being held by the Hogback Mountain Conservation Area. An event that seems to take place on Black Friday to get the hill cleaned up and ready for those who are into a little self-service skiing.

The event brings together volunteers to do the work. Anyone who knows how to use a chainsaw, anyone who has a strong enough back to carry out debris, and anyone in between who is interested in helping out can head to Hogback on November 29 starting at one o'clock that afternoon.

All of the details can be found on the Facebook event page from the Hogback Mountain Conservation Area, which is linked below, or at their website linked here. The website also has any contact information that you might need and a calendar of other events that you might be interested in.

Ski Slope Clean-UP



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