Israeli Hiking Trail Closed Due To Possible Otter Attack

Credit: Drew Avery [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Ein Dibsha trail, a hiking trail in Northern Isreal, was closed this past Saturday, August 24, after reports of hikers possibly being bitten by an otter.

In a report from The Time of Isreal, two hikers reported having been bitten by an otter while on the trail. 

In response to the report, the Isreal Nature and Parks Authority closed the trail until further notice while rangers looked into the incidents.

During part of the investigation, rangers did find a lone otter cub but are unsure if the cub has anything to do with the biting incidents. The cub was taken to a wildlife hospital for care and observation.

The two hikers that were bitten were instructed to seek medical attention and get rabies inoculations. Otter attacks are extremely rare and due to that fact rabies is a working theory, though can not be confirmed at this time.


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