It's The National Park Service's 103rd Birthday - If You're Visiting A Park Today To Celebrate, Follow This Chart

Credit: National Park Service/FB
Today is the 103rd birthday of the National Park Service and it's also a free day. That gives people two more reasons to head out to their nearest NPS site and have a great day. However, if you are going to one of the many sites that could give you the chance to see wildlife, such as the mighty bison pictured above, the NPS created the graphic to help you.

Clearly, this graphic was produced in good fun but does have a very important message. Wildlife, though awesome and beautiful, should be experienced and enjoyed from a distance. There have been too many close encounters with bison this year, including a little girl getting tossed into the air by a bison at Yellowstone National Park. It surely has become an issue for those that run and work at the parks.

If you are out taking advantage of the free day today, please respect the rules and keep yourself and the animals safe by keeping your distance and let the animals be wild.


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