Little Girl In England Skis The Height Of Mt. Everest Inside In A Day

Mt. Everest stands at a height of 29,029 feet, which would make it a challenge for any skier to do in person, especially when the terrain is taken into account. But, how amazing would it be to clock that kind of distance for one's stats? It would be great! Though not on the side of the actual Everest, a little girl in England went ahead and did it, but not for her personal stats. She did it for charity.

Eight-year-old Astrid Brocklehurst-Flynn took to the Chill Factore in Manchester, England to make her runs for Together for Short Lives, a charity based in England that supports children with life-threatening illnesses.

An amazing feat for such a little person, young Astrid was able to complete the task of skiing nearly 30,000 feet in just under 12 hours, taking 222 runs at the indoor facility.

During that time she was able to raise more than £1,000 for the cause, according to a report from the Bury Times. Young Astrid's event still has an open donation page at for those looking to help her and her cause a little more.


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