More Animal Incidents In National Parks, Though This Time It's In Canada

Credit: Mas3cf [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The National Parks in the United States are not the only public lands that are having issues with wildlife and human interaction. There are now reports of a camper being hurt during a wolf attack in Banff National Park.

According to a report from The Canada Press, via Langley Advance Times, a single camper was attacked by a wolf while inside their tent. The victim had injuries to their hand and arm and was taken to a hospital in Banff.

Park staff were able to track the wolf to an area about a kilometer away and made the decision to kill the animal.

Officials investigating the incident said there were no significant wildlife attractants and that no food was found in or around the tent.

The wolf that was tracked and killed is believed to be the only animal involved with the incident and noted that an attack like this is very rare.


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