One Week Remains For Voting For The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall Of Fame -- 5 Skiers Are Among Finalists

Credit: U.S.Olympic Committee
In was this past March that the U.S. Olympic Committee announced that there would be a new induction class to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame for 2019.

Of the 15 Olympians, 9 Paralympians, and three teams nominated for induction into the hall of fame, five of the finalists have backgrounds in various skiing disciplines.

From that list of five, four are Paralympians. Candace Cable, who competed in Nordic and Alpine events, as well as Track and Field, Muffy Davis, an alpine skier, and cyclist, Greg Mannino, alpine skier, and Chris Waddell, and alpine skier and Track and field athlete have all been nominated for this honor. This fifth team U.S.A. skier to have been nominated is the ever-popular Jonny Moseley, known for his work in freestyle skiing.

Though it would be a wonderful thing if these five athletes, as well as the other 22 nominees, could all be inducted with this year's class, However, induction is dependant on voting, which works as follows;

"The 2019 finalists will be announced on Aug. 12, thus opening the voting window for Team USA fans, Olympic and Paralympic alumni, and members of the Olympic and Paralympic families. Members of the public will be able to vote once per day through Sept. 3. Recognizing the ongoing support that fans give U.S. Olympians, Paralympians and hopefuls in their training and competition, the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame was one of the first major sports hall of fames to incorporate fan voting into the selection process."

That time frame now leaves about one week left to vote for who you think deserves the honor of being inducted into the hall of fame. Voting can be done at and, as stated above, can be done once a day for the duration of the voting window.

The U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, class of 2019, will then be announced in late September and inducted on November 1. The induction ceremony, in conjunction with the all-alumni U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Reunion, will take place in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Opening in early 2020, the U.S. Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs will become the new permanent home for the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame


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