Ski Instructor In Australia Will Serve 10 Years In Prison For Rape And Assault

Matthew James Williams -- Credit: Facebook
A British ski instructor working at Perisher in Australia will be serving a 10-year prison sentence for rape and assault that was committed during the 2018 ski season, an act so brutal that police first believed there to be two attackers because of the extent of the injuries to the victims.

Matthew James Williams, 29, pleaded guilty to the crimes this past April, according to a report from, though he did not admit to the crimes at first. During the investigation, Williams' cell phone was found at the scene. Williams, however, claimed that he was attacked by two men on his way home that night in July 2018.

The victims of this crime were a woman that Williams raped quite violently, having also beaten her quite severely and biting her breast. The woman had a male friend with her who was also a victim of the attack, having suffered a severe beating from Williams. Both victims were attacked to the point that they reportedly lost consciousness at times during the incident.

As Williams was in the country on a temporary work visa, he will be deported at the end of his sentence. That sentence to be served is 10-years, with a non-parole period of seven years.


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