The Battle Is Over -- Two Families United -- Ski And Snowboard Are Married In Utah

Credit: Utah Avalanche Center/FB
If you are one to study Shakespeare, you know that this would have been the happier ending in Romeo & Juliet. A love, which some would consider forbidden, would be allowed to flourish and two families could have come together in a way that would end all hostility between them.

That's right, you just saw the mountain top wedding of a ski and a snowboard in Utah. Although this video was wicked funny, it also serves as a promotional video for the Utah Avalanche Center's 26th Annual Fundraising Party. If you would like to attend, the UAC has posted all the information on the fundraisers Facebook Page. If you would like to help out, but can't attend the party, you can participate in the silent auction by registering here.

The Utah Avalanche Center provides forecasts, education, and other services dedicated to making backcountry and winter mountain sports and excursions much safer. As they are a non-profit organization, they ask from the support of the winter sports and local communities.

Credit: Utah Avalanche Center/FB


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