The Mikaela Shiffrin Teaser Payoff Came Out First Thing This Morning

Credit: Mikaela Shiffrin/FB
It was around 5 P.M. yesterday, August 12, that slalom superstar and everyone's favorite competitive skier posted a teaser video about an announcement that was going to come out today. That video ended up with a comment section that guessed just about everything from a shot at a music career to pregnancy to the possibility of the young lady getting married.

But it would seem that most of those either hoping for a new album or hoping their little heart didn't break because she might be tying the knot or, as it was for Ski Rex Media, hoping something special was going to go down at the Killington FIS event were totally wrong.

There you go. The announcement is that Mikaela Shiffrin will be partnered up with Adidas, which may or may not now be your favorite sporting apparel company, depending on how you are with sports star endorsements. Enjoy!


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