To Celebrate The 103rd Birthday Of The National Park Service, August 25 Is A Free Day

Credit: Ron Mader/Flickr
A wonderful way to keep busy during the skiing/snowboarding offseason is to visit any one of the sites that are part of the National Park Service. It's a great way to stay outside, in some cases one can stay in the mountains, it can be educational and informative, and this coming Sunday it's going to free of charge.

This coming Sunday, August 25, will mark the 103rd birthday of the creation of the National Park Service. The NPS was created August 25, 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the National Park Service Act.

As part of the celebration, parks that charge an entrance fee will be waiving those entrance fees. For more information on this free day, as well as the others that are coming up during the remainder of the year, you can visit the NPS website.


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